Measure Your Team’s Selling Judgement™ Score To Enhance Sales Skills.

The UPtick™ Platform And The Selling Intelligence™ Score

The UPtick™ platform measures the Selling Intelligence™ score of salespeople by asking assessment questions, and through the use of Automated, Scalable, Role Plays that take place with 3D avatar customers in Virtual Business Environments. The UPtick™platform leverages the intelligence collected to produce a line-of-sight into the Selling Intelligence™ score of salespeople.

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Stack Ranking Of Your Sales Team

View a stack ranking of your team according to their Selling Behaviors to know:

  • Who excels, and who excels in a particular area
  • What Selling Behaviors deliver you the best results
  • Where to invest
  • What behaviors, skills, and competencies are required to round out your team

Overview Of Selling Competency™ Score And Selling Judgement™ Score

View a stack ranking of your team according to their Selling Behaviors to know:

  • Quickly see a high level view of the salesperson’s Selling Intelligence™score
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • See Cognitive Skills indicator

Selling Behaviors Overview

Look at the Selling Behaviors of the individual to:

  • Know how you can reduce Time-to-Quota
  • Administer coaching based on actual needs
  • Improve deployment decisions
  • Invest in the individual with confidence
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Behavioral Coaching Cues

Better manage your salespeople:

  • Deliver high quality, validated, proven coaching that improves selling behaviors
  • Leverage strengths and properly address weaknesses to improve sales performance
  • Improve loyalty, commitment and dedication to the goal

The Benefits Of Knowing The Selling Intelligence™Score Of Your Salespeople

The question is not; “do they know how to use a hammer?” Instead, the question is “will they pick up the hammer in the first place, and how many nails are they motivated to hammer into the wall?”

Another way of saying the same thing; teaching a salesperson about your product, company and industry, and giving them sales skills training is a waste of time, money and resources if their work ethic, initiative, goal orientation, and achievement drive levels are low.

Putting a lucrative compensation plan in place will not, in and of itself, motivate a salesperson. As a sales leader, being armed with knowledge about the mindset of your salespeople will help you understand what you can do to get them on track to deliver.